Why Choose VPlayed to Build An AVOD Platform?

Show Minutes of Ads & Reap Best ROI Between the Content

High User Acquisition

Aim to achieve new users through AVOD streaming services with designed strategies like ad campaigns or promotional offers

Excellent Revenue Potential

Obtain a simple wayout to make potential income source & generate consistently through AVOD for scaling up overall ROI

Wide Variety of Advertising

Acquire a video ad platform that provides an array of monetization opportunities to fit your streaming business goals

Personalized Ad Delivery

Enable advertisers to serve media content based on demographic interests & provide better user experience efficiently

Streaming Capabilites Right From Ad Ingestion to HQ Playback

Deliver Your Content Seamlessly at a Scale Within Your Video Ads Website

Server-side Ad insertion
Server-Side Ad Insertion

Server-side ads are those which are directly stitched into the stream. The advantage of SSAI streams comes into highlight when the client isn’t making any server calls in order to initiate on demand ad insertion. Moreover, the requests are sent to viewer’s data in order to pick a customized ad.

Client-Side Ad Insertion
Client-Side Ad Insertion

CSAI is the method of delivering ads to clients (video player) within AVOD platform. It requests the ad server for an ad to run when it reaches certain ad-markers in the OTT stream. When the client gets the request, it uses data to gauge the correct ad to serve promptly.

Optimize Your Ad Returns In Abundant Moments

Leverage on Top Lucrative Advertising Methods With its Outstanding Potential

Avod services
Instream Ads

Insert ads in an on-going content using AVOD streaming that appears pre, mid or post viewing the video

Outstream Ads

Outstream video ads that’s inbetween the text on a website or which popups on sides of the browser

Header Bidding

Let the AVOD players compete for ads been put up at the same time & earn more ad revenue.

Ad Waterfallling

Utilize your unsold ad inventory to display ad based video on demand & maximize the fill rate


Advertisers can uniformly stream ads via industry standards & analyze live campaigns with chosen ad networks

Ad Looping

Broadcasters can effortlessly loop video streaming ads by making ad calls even while their first advertorial ends

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Make Video Ad Serving Easier via Actionable Player

Capture Audience Attention By Managing Ads

video advertising platform
  • Skippable/Non-Skippable Ads

    Implement flexible advertising ways like skippable or non-skippable AVODs in few different spots such as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll throughout a single video

  • Ad Overlays

  • Companion Ads

  • Interactive ads

  • Ads on Embed Player

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All-Inclusive Video Platform With Entire AVOD Management

Lead With Premium Tools to Turn Visitors Into Subscribers & Maximize ad Revenue

Teck-stack Delivered in All-in-One CMS Stream & Manage Digital Content Completely

  • Content Partner Portal

    Allow registrations for content partners to your video streaming platform & ean surplus revenue smoothly

  • Live to VOD

  • Multi-Lingual Support

  • Video Scheduling

  • Media Format Support

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Video CMS
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