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“There will be nearly 1.9 billion Internet Video users by 2021 compared to 1.4 billion in 2016.” 

Almost the entire Internet users around the globe would be watching around 3 trillion minutes of video per month by 2021.

The video-watching market is pretty huge, right?


On the other hand, the growth of the OTT platform is also experiencing a spike irrespective of industries. 

So, such a massive increase in video traffic implies the role of video analytics is more significant than ever. 

An analytical view of your entire distributed content is the sole strategy to reap benefits and revenue profits from your streaming VOD platform.

So What Makes The Video Analytics A Critical Tool For Any Sort of Video Streaming Platforms?

The analytics of your video comes from many sorts of resources. Let’s say a particular video source has been shared through multiple platforms by a subscribed user. With those shared data, you can understand the entire behaviour of the users.

In order to identify what keeps your audience engaged within your video streaming platform, intuitive video streaming analytics not only helps to maintain a massive audience base but also builds a new source of revenue.

YouTube’s analytical dashboard is one of the most well-known video streaming analytical tools that helps to evaluate the performance of your videos since it’s an open platform. An Enterprise-made video streaming analytical suite like Vplayed would provide you better analytical features to assess your videos’ performance than most providers. 

With An Enterprise Video Analytical Tool, You can measure metrics that help to progress your goals.

  • To maximize your video traffic in online video platform which in result impacts the monetization of the broadcasted content.
  • Drive better revenue which implies for OTT businesses, entertainment, educational videos and any sector with key metrics of no. of views, sales, revenue per user, etc.
  • To Grow your marketing strategy where email marketing, lead generation will have a huge impact on analyzing the responses.

Uncover the Actionable Analytical Features With Vplayed for Any Video Streaming Platform

Measure the Behaviour of Your Audience

Access complete & detailed data on who is viewing your video content and how it has been watched. With Vplayed’s video analytical suite, measure down your unique users’ actions throughout the journey within your live video streaming platform. With graphical presentation, understand the most-watched viewers’ behavior in real-time.

Analyze The Engagement of Each User

The most interesting session for any content creator is to view the content engagement factors after the content is being published. Through an engagement graph measure the engagement rate by understanding the likes, play rates, avg % watched and much more to explore new audience acquisition opportunities.  

Measure Every Key Metrics of Your Videos In One Customizable Dashboard

A centralized dashboard is key to amplify the revenue of your VOD streaming business. With an insightful video analytical dashboard, track the overall engagement factors, Plays over time, Avg views based on various devices such as mobile, desktop and platforms. Scrutinize the data based on geographical locations as well.

A/B Testing and Beyond Tools for Your Video Streaming Platform

With two conceptualized video analytical data, progress A/B testing for your video streaming platform to uncover what really works for your video business to acquire more number of audience, revenue and better engagement for every content you publish. Pull out two videos data to test with customizable A/B testing features like CTAs optimization, Publishing data & time, Thumbnails and much more.

Supports Unlimited Integration of Video Analytics

With the support of third-party analytical tools, amplify the intelligence of tracking every metric such as engagement, time-on-site and conversion. Vplayed supports other leading analytical platforms like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and many more platforms to measure the journey of every content across other Internet web pages.

So How Prepared You Are To Boost Your Live Video Streaming Platforms’ Audience Base & ROI?

“The longer viewers and audience you receive, the longer you have to research in order to sustain the viewers to your video streaming platform”.  

With an enterprise video analytical suite like Vplayed, provides all sorts of insights, tools and features to have the behavior of your audience at your fingertips or simply on an intuitive dashboard. No more guessworks to acquire an audience to your video on demand streaming platform, understand every content view, demographics of users, analytical reports to set goals to improve your audience base and revenue of the video streaming platform.

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