Branded, Fully-Customizable OTT Platform

One cohesive platform to run your entire streaming business

Chat API Features

100% Customizable

Tailor your platform as you like to perfection with our fully customizable, bespoke OTT solutions.

White Label Platform

Cast the brand logo and seamlessly resonate with your brand image with our white-label OTT platform.

On Cloud/ On-Premise

Scale with cloud efficiency or opt for on-premise control—your decision. We have you covered either way.

Fast Launch

Overcome delays and market urgencies. Launch a complete OTT platform in just 4 days with VPlayed—guaranteed.

Complete Ownership

Take full control of your business with OTT platform ownership — gain access to the source code.

Lossless Migration

No data left behind. Effortlessly migrate all your content and source files—zero compromises and zero losses.

200+ Integrations

Integrate easily with over 200 of your favorite apps, software, and tools you already use. Stay productive and consistent.

Post Launch Support

Get dedicated technical support as long as you want. Turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Flawless On-Demand Streaming Features

Deliver videos seamlessly, meeting your audience's needs anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Video Search

Find any video content effortlessly with our intuitive video search functionality—precision at your fingertips.

Offline Viewing

Enjoy on the go. Download and watch offline. Entertainment anytime, anywhere—your content, your way.

Progressive Web Apps

Get modern convenience. Access your favorite content seamlessly with our progressive web applications.

Intuitive User Interface

Effortless navigation. Immerse in content seamlessly with our intuitive user interface—pure viewing delight.

Multi-Payment Gateways

Hassle-free transactions every time. Choose from a variety of secure gateways worldwide for seamless payments.

Social Login Support

Connect instantly with your community via social login—effortless entry, enhanced media and user experience.

Enable Voice Search

Speak your desires. Enhance user interaction with voice search—get more efficient in every command.

Cross-Platform Streaming

Experience continuity across devices and platforms with our cross-platform expertise—switching made seamless.

Ratings & Comments

Get community insights on the go. Rate and comment on content—engage and share opinions with fellow viewers.

Watch History

Never miss a single video. Track your watch history from your dashboard. Personalized content always at hands.

Related Videos

Discover more videos that users may like. Explore curated content with related videos—uncover the perfect binge.

Private Watchlist

Your queue, your way. Curate your personalized watchlist and watch it anytime for a tailored streaming experience.

Native Live Streaming Right from Your Platform

Stream high-quality, buffer-free, engaging live videos worldwide

Live Linear

Stream linear content live—captivate your audience with dynamic programming for real-time engagement.

Live To VOD

Extend your content’s shelf life. Convert live events to on-demand seamlessly—maximize content accessibility.

Live Webcasts

Broadcast events live with our webcasting solutions—connect with a worldwide audience for a global reach.

Live Polls

Interaction at its peak. Engage your viewers with live polls and quizzes —make broadcasts interactive and dynamic.

Live Audience Chat

Foster community engagement with live audience chat—ignite conversations during broadcasts.

Live Q&A

Facilitate direct interactions with live Q&A sessions—connect speakers with engaged audiences.

Live Countdown

Build anticipation with live countdowns for upcoming events —heighten event excitement effortlessly.

Ultra HD Streaming

Deliver crystal-clear content with HD-ready live broadcasting—immerse your audience in superior quality.

Live Clipping for Social

Social engagement made simple. Clip and share live moments instantly to amplify your reach on social platforms.

Pre-Recrded to Live

Seamlessly broadcast pre-recorded content as live—optimize scheduling for diverse audiences with flexibility.

Live Notifications

Stay connected all the time. Alert your audience with live notifications and ensure they never miss a moment.

Streaming Protocols

Harness diverse streaming protocols—Apple Low Latency HLS, HTTP-based streaming, CMAF for DASH, and more

Low Latency

Minimize streaming delays with low latency as low as 10S —keep your audience engaged without interruptions.

Stream Live to Mobile

Stream live content directly to your mobiles across platforms—Android, iOS, iPads, tablets, and more.

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Platform With Features
Tailored For You
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Centralized Video Content Management System

Upload, manage, and distribute multiple videos at once with ease

Bulk Upload

Streamline content additions with bulk upload—save time, boost productivity, and improve workflow efficiency.

Schedule Videos

Schedule releases effortlessly with smart a CMS—optimize content delivery to increase audience engagement.

Multi-Lingual Support

Manage multilingual video content and captivate diverse audiences seamlessly for a global reach.

Drag and Drop

Simplify video content organization with a drag-and-drop functionality for a refined video organization.

Video Library

Create a comprehensive, centralized video library to effortlessly manage and showcase your content.

Create & Manage Playlists

Get personalized watchlists. Tailor content delivery with dynamic playlists—curate audience-specific experiences.

User Management

Seamless control in your hands. Effortlessly oversee user access to manage permissions and security.

Content Partner Portal

Bring collaborative synergy. Empower partners with a dedicated portal to facilitate smooth content collaboration.

Database Management

Streamline operations with robust database management to optimize content retrieval and accessibility for users.

Import & Export Content

Streamline data flow. Import and export all your videos seamlessly for efficient content management.

Custom Thumbnails

Increase click rates. Customize content with unique, eye-catching thumbnails for viewer engagement.

Smart Playlists

Organize content easily with a smart CMS that creates playlist chapters and even organizes videos for your users.

Set Custom Filters

Precision control—customize content visibility with tailored filters for personalized video recommendations.

Fast Upload and Encode

Accelerate your streaming workflow. Swiftly upload and encode content for rapid deployment and accessibility.

Playlist Widgets

Consolidate video content, share across web properties and manage permissions with a playlist widget.

Integrated Media Center

Allow users to access, browse, and play their media content from various sources in one place.

Dedicated HTML5 Video Player with HLS Streaming

Stream high-quality, ultra-HD videos on an adaptable video player

HLS & Dash Adaptive

Seamlessly adapt to fluctuating network conditions and enjoy uninterrupted streaming with HLS and Dash.

Faster Playback

Eliminate delays—experience content fluid-like streaming with accelerated playback for greater viewer satisfaction.

Multi-screen Support

Reach more viewers and enable streaming across multiple screens for a versatile viewing experience.

Subtitle Settings

Personalize content experience. Adjust subtitle settings for inclusive and an enjoyable viewing experience.

Screen Mirroring

Expand reach and facilitate content sharing with your screen. Strike better collaboration with viewers.

Seekbar Thumbnails

Give visual cues for users when they scroll through videos–make locating specific parts of videos easier.

Multi-Language Support

Global reach—captivate diverse audiences with multi-language support for a richer viewing experience.

Replay Window

Take control of views. Tailor replay options with a customizable window for a seamless content revisit.


Empower your viewers. Facilitate easy screencasting for a personalized and interactive content experience.

Picture in Picture

Multitask seamlessly—enjoy uninterrupted content with picture-in-picture mode for flexible viewing.

Playback Speed Control

Watch at your own pace. Adjust playback speed for a personalized and efficient viewing experience.

Mini Player

Keep the content playing in a compact mini-player while browsing other features. Maximize convenience easily.

Closed Caption

Inclusive content. Enable closed captions for an accessible and immersive viewing experience.

HTML5 Embed Player

Stream quality videos to your viewers. Embed content with an HTML5 player for seamless website integration.


Engage viewers instantly—auto-preview content for a compelling and preview-rich user experience.

Time-Shifted Playback

Watch TV shows after they’re broadcast—stay up-to-date with your favorite shows amidst your busy schedule.

10+ Flexible, Practical Monetization Models

Extract more from your existing videos with genuine OTT monetization models

Subscriptions VOD

Establish a steady revenue stream. Monetize content with subscription-based videos for consistent income.

Server-Side Ad-Insertion

Dynamic ad delivery—optimize viewer experience with server-side ad-insertion for smoother content monetization.

Advertisement VOD

Boost ad revenue—capitalize on ad-supported video-on-demand for a lucrative monetization strategy.

PPV / Transactional VOD

Maximize sales and monetize premium content with pay-per-view or transactional video-on-demand models.

Premium VOD

Control access to content with premium video-on-demand for exclusive content monetization and viewer engagement.

Third-Party Ad Integration

Expand revenue sources. Integrate third-party ads seamlessly for diversified advertising opportunities.

Server-Side Ad-Insertion

Dynamic ad delivery—optimize viewer experience with server-side ad-insertion for smoother content monetization.

Coupons & Promotions

Drive sales. Boost revenue through strategic promotions and coupon-based incentives for your audience.

Video Paywall

Secure precious content. Monetize premium videos with a paywall, ensuring exclusive access for paying subscribers.

Catch Up TV

Take monetization one step further. Use catch-up TV models for continuous revenue from delayed viewing.

Hybrid Model

Diversify revenue streams—combine multiple monetization models for a flexible and robust income strategy

VAST & VPAID Compliant

We have an eye for ad standards compliance and ensure VAST and VPAID compatibility for ad integration.


Get partner visibility. Monetize content through sponsorships, giving brands prime exposure on your platform.

Monetize Your
Video Content With
10+ Revenue Models
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Powerful Cloud Video Encoding and Transcoding

Experience rapid encoding, steadfast video quality, and adaptive bitrates

Per-Title Encoding

Optimize video quality dynamically. Ensure superior viewing experiences for varied content types and bandwidths.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

Adjust bitrates automatically for seamless playback under fluctuating network conditions.


Switch between video formats seamlessly. Reduce latency and ensure compatibility across devices and platforms.

Clip Stitching

Merge video clips easily into a cohesive narrative. Eliminate disjointed playback experiences.

Custom Presets

Tailor encoding settings for your unique needs. Gain fine-tuned control over video output and quality parameters

Multiple Codecs Support

Get comprehensive codec compatibility for optimal performance across different devices and platforms.

Flexible Ingest

Handle various input formats and sources efficiently. Simplify the encoding process for diverse content types.

Cloud Transcoding

Shift the transcoding burden to the cloud. Get rapid, scalable video transcoding without compromising on quality.

Video Transcoding

Meet changing user demands with instantaneous adaptation to changing network conditions with transcoding.

Instant Conversion

Cut down waiting times with rapid video conversion. Meet user expectations for quick and efficient content delivery.


Convert raw video formats to optimize compatibility with devices, networks, CMS, or other systems

Video Transizing

Resize video frames to meet varying display requirements. Ensure seamless adaptation across various resolutions.

Combined File Transcoding

Streamline workflows by converting videos into multiple formats simultaneously.

4K Transcoding

Handle the demands of ultra-HD content. Provide users with stunning visuals and uncompromised quality.

Powerful Video
Transcoding Platform To
Deliver High-quality Videos
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Global Video Content Delivery Network

Deliver videos worldwide with distributed servers—simple setup and management

Low Latency

Minimize latency to as low as 7 seconds for real-time video delivery. Ensure an immersive video-watching experience.

Buffer-Free Playback

Eliminate buffering issues with a CDN engineered for uninterrupted, smooth streaming experiences.

HTTPS (SSL) Built-in

Ensure secure content delivery with native HTTPS/SSL integration. Safeguard video assets and user data.

Seamless Integration

Integrate CDN seamlessly into workflows. Deliver stunning videos without disrupting existing systems.

Signed cookies and URLs

Enhance security with signed cookies and URLs. Control access and prevent unauthorized distribution.

Restricting CDN traffic

Optimize CDN performance with fine-tuned traffic controls. Prevent unnecessary resource consumption and bottlenecks.

Global CDN

Reach a worldwide audience with a robust global CDN. Plus, it gives all the users the same streaming quality.


Optimize video streaming with efficient data streams. Ensure high-performance content delivery all the time.

API Acceleration

Our CDNs can cache frequently accessed data and quickly deliver to users. Boost API responsiveness.

Full Visibility

Monitor key CDN metrics like bandwidth usage, latency, and error rates, and track user behavior and engagement.

Origin Shield

Protect your origin from malware, and DDoS attacks traffic surges and minimize its load with the origin shield.

Multi-cloud Architecture

Adopt a flexible CDN supporting hybrid and multi-cloud setups. Adapt to diverse infrastructures seamlessly.

Prevent CDN Bandwidth Theft

Protect CDN resources from unauthorized use while preserving their performance.

Global Distribution with Anycast IP

Minimize latency and enhance routing efficiency with Anycast IP’s global content distribution.

Reduce Load on Origin Server

Offload server burdens with a CDN designed to reduce strain on the origin server.

Robust Digital Rights Management & Content Protection

Give your content, player, and domain the highest degree of protection

AES Encryption

Fortify content security with AES encryption. Ensure robust protection against unauthorized access and piracy.

Multi DRM Platform

Implement a versatile, dependable multi-DRM solution for digital rights management across various devices.

Access Control

Safeguard content with precise access controls. Limit viewing permissions for enhanced security and user management.


Control content access based on location. Enforce regional restrictions and content licensing agreements.

Paywall Integration

Monetize content securely with seamless paywall integration, ensuring protected access for paying subscribers.

Password Protection

Enhance user authentication with password protection — an additional layer of security for safe and secure content access.

Advanced SSL Certification

Maintain the integrity of your content delivery and ensure secure data transmission with advanced SSL certifications.

Screenshot Prevention

Guard against unauthorized capture with screenshot prevention, preserving the exclusivity of your content.

Dynamic Watermarks

Deter piracy with dynamic watermarks. Add traceable elements for content identification and protection.

Parental Control

Be responsible with kids. Give children a safe and secure digital space —restrict harmful content access with parental control.

Restrict Simultaneous Logins

Prevent unauthorized account sharing by restricting simultaneous logins. Bolster security and content access control.

Dynamic Token Security

Elevate security with dynamic token authentication. Ensure secure and time-sensitive access to protected content.

A Complete Marketing Toolkit
to Promote Your Videos

Reach more viewers and grow your streaming business organically

Metadata Management

Keep your videos optimized for search with metadata management. Improve discoverability.

AI-Powered Recommendation Engine

Leverage AI for personalized content recommendations—boosting user satisfaction.

Article Matching

Align video content seamlessly with articles for a cohesive multimedia experience, enhancing user engagement.

Social Publishing

Easily share videos across social platforms. Maximize your content’s reach and user interaction.


Drive user engagement with strategic calls-to-action within videos, converting views into meaningful actions.

Lead Capture Forms

Capture valuable leads directly through videos with integrated lead capture forms, streamlining user interaction.

Replace Video, Not The Link

Update video content without changing URLs. Maintain seamless link integrity.

Video Sitemaps

Augment the power of SEO with video sitemaps. Get indexed by search engines and rank your videos on top

Integrate with Marketing Software

Integrate with Hubspot, Zapier or Mailchimp—manage your data and campaigns better.

Push Notification

Boost engagement with push notifications for new video releases, keeping users informed and connected.

Reviews & Ratings

Facilitate user feedback with integrated reviews and ratings, enhancing user trust and content credibility.

Email Marketing

Leverage videos for effective email marketing campaigns, enhancing communication and user engagement.

Social Interaction

Engage better with your community with built-in social features. Build interactions around your videos.

Speed Optimization

Ensure rapid video loading with speed optimization features. Reduce bounce rates and enhance user satisfaction.

Intelligent, Easy-to-Understand OTT Video Analytics

Reduce churn, nurture leads, and convert viewers into paying subscribers

Live Dashboard Report

Access real-time analytics with a live dashboard. Get instant insights into your video performance.

Third-Party Analytics Integration

Integrate with major third-party analytics for data aggregation and analysis.

Set Custom Metrics

Define and track personalized metrics, gaining precise insights tailored to your marketing objectives.

Device Data

Analyze viewer engagement on various devices. Optimize content delivery for diverse platforms.

Network Data

Monitor network performance for seamless video streaming experiences, addressing connectivity challenges.

Stream Data

Gain granular insights into streaming performance, optimizing delivery for a smoother user experience.

Revenue Report

Track revenue generation directly within the platform. Simplified financial analysis and reporting.

Location Metrics

Get viewer demographics with location metrics and tailor content strategies to target your audience.

User Insights

Unlock deep user behavior insights from raw data. Refine marketing strategies based on the data.

Player Data

Analyze player interactions for enhanced user engagement, honing the video content playback experience.

Content Performance

Evaluate your video’s impact and audience engagement. Optimize future content to address user preferences.

Video Quality Data

Ensure optimal video quality with detailed metrics on streaming data—resolve potential quality-related issues.

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