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End-to-End Streaming Prospects With Best Video CDN

Improves the delivery of video, broadcast and other live events to any device.

Video Streaming CDN

Video Streaming Limitless video streaming seamlessly

  • Acquire a OTT CDN that is designed to deliver online video content quickly.

  • Enjoy fast video processing and make content available to viewers in seconds.

  • Make use of VPlayed to easily upload videos to the origin server.

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Live Streaming Go live: anywhere, anytime

  • Deliver real-time streams to users with zero latency and in high quality.

  • Quickly pick up and deliver broadcasts to viewers in no time.

  • Offer real-time live streams to users regardless of their geographical location.

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Acquire a powerful CDN for video hosting in streaming business

Highly Customizable CDN

Customize & tweak your content delivery that provisions personalized coding, logic with configured files under own infrastructure.

High-speed Performance

Increase the performance of website by implementing video CDN. Content catching at POPs worldwide can reduce latency inclusive of minimized packet loss.

Flexible & Reliant

Global VOD CDN makes content available by routing requests to nearby locations & managed with edge servers. Also traffic spikes in CDN scales downtime.

High Standards of Security

Encrypt the majority of web traffic served by the origin server with CDN against DDoS attacks. Additionally security features assists to guard the streaming network.

Real-time Analytics & Control

Get actionable insights into the caching of websites to gain a better cache-hit ratio. Capture realtime logs & gain full control over configurations & security.

Reduce Operational Costs

Total bandwidth consumption, & minimizing trips to origin can help to reduce your infrastructure plus egress costs & meet fluctuating demands on the fly.

Furnish Video Deliverability With Smooth Streaming Playback

Customize content delivery in real-time way above audience viewing expectations

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Segment videos quickly adjusting compression levels to match video bandwidth that’s inbuilt in your CDN. Enhance video quality & viewing experience.

  • Streaming Protocol

  • Low Latency

  • Global CDN

  • 4K Quality Delivery

Video Content
               Delivery Network

Forefront Features Of Video CDN To Target Wide Audience

Delivering high-quality video content, with a focus on speed and reliability.

  • Origin Shielding
  • Multilayer Caching
  • Fast Video Skipping
  • MP4 to HLS/DASH
  • Instant Purging
Video CDN
                              Solution For OTT

Origin Shielding

Secure access to the cloud.
  • Extra layer of caching between servers and the origin of the content to improve overall performance.
  • Helps to minimize the load on the origin servers and improve the speed of cache miss responses.
  • Ensures a smoother delivery of content through the CDN, resulting in a better user experience.
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Streamline Video Delivery Process with Secured CDN Protocols

Detect attacks with built-in security enabled by latest video protection technologies

Geo Block

Limit the distribution of your content to specific countries or regions, and prevent unauthorized access from other locations.

Token Authentication
IP Access Control
Domain Locking
Referrer Access Control
Secured Video
                        Content Delivery Network

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