Why To Choose VPlayed’s Content Management System?

Enlighten your VOD & OTT streams using future-grade technologies

Content Partner Portal

License your content on a streaming platform onboard to let clients add, upload videos, view reports, etc, on-the-go.

Video Encoding & Transcoding

VPlayed's video transcoding software automates your bitrate ladder and optimises for the best bitrate-resolution.

3rd Party Integration

3rd-party integrations facilitate another company's app/web service, for business tie-ups to streamline new opportunities & upscale.

Video API Syndication

Take complete control over your videos using integrated API by building your own content management system

Manage Entire Library With A Video CMS Seamlessly

Streamline your assets all in one enterprise-grade video management software

VOD CMS platform
Bulk Import & Export

Upload several videos in a single shot & import them into VPlayed's OTT video Content management platform.

Multi-Lingual Support

VPlayed has multi-lingual support allowing you to translate in various languages to localize audience’s likings.

Drag and Drop

Drag-&-drop capability allows to easily create your video channel. Users can simply copy items.

Multiple Media Format Support

VPlayed's video content management system allows you to upload & stream numerous formats like MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, etc.

Video Scheduling

Schedule content in bulk using video on demand CMS to deliver high engagement rates.

Media Library

Manage entire VOD assets via premium CMS solutions. Enable efficient content supply chain with valuable delivery.

Database Management

Track user interaction, analyze your entire streamed site, and optimize URL for off-and-on-search rankings in your enterprise video cms.


Allow customers to pay native currency, with a preferred mode of payment for video streaming, gaining best deal.

Upload Custom Thumbnails

Improve video interaction, where video thumbnails can increase clicks to make all the difference via a CMS software.

Discover Easy-to-Use CMS Software Within HLS Player

Industry-leading VPlayed library paired with optimized playback

Fastest Playback

Use HTML5 video player to engage audiences with the platform's best-in-class content management system playback. Now your viewers will be able to enjoy videos against sluttering playbacks or pixelated pictures

Video Subtitle

Monetize Your Video Content Easily To Boost Business Growth

Make workflow seamless via inbuilt CMS by delivering videos impeccably

Extend Marketing Funnel to Track Each Performance in the Market

Upscale with refined content management system to create engaging traffic

  • SEO Meta-Data

    VPlayed lets you describe a page with meta description & tags that’s in enterprise video management.

  • Video Lead capture tools

  • Social Media Publishing

  • 3rd Party Marketing Tools

  • AI Powered Recommendation Engine

Online Video Marketing
Explore video marketing

Analyze Content Consumption Trends With Built-In CMS

Monitor audience interests in a granular manner via robust video streaming platform

Video Analytics
  • Video Engagement

    Use automated workflows and features to cut down repeatable tasks and streamline curation

  • Device, Browser, OS Analytics

  • Consumer-level Analytics

  • Player-level Analytics

  • Customizable Reporting

  • Integrate 3rd Party Video Analytics

Explore video analytics

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