How to Build a Billion-Dollar Video On Demand (VOD) Website?

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Indeed, the popularity of on-demand video content has been increasing, and more and more companies adopt it as part of their business models. 

According to statistics, human viewers also tend to engage in video content more intensely than in conventional text content. For instance, the human brain processes video 50,000 times faster than text, which explains its increasing popularity and tremendous potential for marketing and business. 

Meanwhile, the Wyzowl report indicates that 66% of companies use live action videos, 55% use animated videos, and 57% of companies use screen recording videos or digital motion graphics to enhance their VOD and other marketing efforts with videos of various types. 

To help your business grow and move to the next level, this post will provide information on how to build a billion dollar Video on Demand (VOD) platform or website.

What is VOD Platform?

A Video-on-demand (VOD) platform facilitates viewers in accessing a curated selection of videos at their convenience, unrestricted by time or location.

Developing a VOD website enables the optimization of content curation to align with viewer preferences, thereby regulating their consumption patterns.

This presents a lucrative avenue for tailoring offerings to audience interests and subsequently enhancing revenue streams for your enterprise.

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Type of Industries Using VOD Technology

In the contemporary world, VOD or video-on-demand technology has altered and reshaped everything that relates to how digital businesses interact with their customers. Currently, numerous businesses could be connected with the use of online VOD websites, from media and entertainment to education and enterprise.

Therefore, what technologies are available to implement VOD? What types of pre-constructed designs or patterns are there and can they offer a model for successfully building a tailored VOD website that can generate a long-term business return?

The following are examples of the possible use cases of such VOD business projects in the industry. Let’s understand one by one.

1. Media & Entertainment

Technology and media websites are always changing due to the prevalence of web-based distribution of video-on-demand content and interactive websites.

2. Sports

What would it be like to create an independent VOD website for footballers, basketball players, or boxers? The possibilities are actually endless.

3. Fitness

Multiple online VOD websites have been developed to help individuals stay in shape and workout from home. If you are a fitness professional, you can create your VOD website and start earning passive income and, rather, proactively with real-time streaming too.

4. Education

VOD is all about transmitting and witnessing videos and images. Tutors have created VOD websites and started their online course platform in an effort to get the best return on their investment i.e. teaching.

5. Enterprises

How would it be possible to develop an enterprise VOD business network? It should be driven by unexplored tendencies and constructed to develop long-lasting revenue streams based on a study of existing designs.

6. Religious

Religion’s expanding impact on VOD is likely to come from new educational events such as video-on-demand offerings, live-streamed events, and podcasts.

It must be noted that many niche-based VOD websites witnessed an uptick in their audience inflow during the pandemic.

Benefits Of Building Custom VOD Streaming Website

Are you wondering if starting a video-on-demand (VOD) website is the right choice for your business? The answer is a resounding yes! 

Here are some benefits that can give your brand an edge in the market. Among others, a VOD platform offers some crucial benefits like brand awareness, enhanced scalability, cost and time savings, flexible monetization and convenience.

How to build a Video on Demand Website

Some of the top benefits of building Video on Demand (VOD) website:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Scalability
  • Diminishing The Cost And Time
  • Monetization
  • Convenience

Let’s see each benefit of creating vod website in detail

1. Brand Awareness

There’s no better way to increase brand awareness than developing a VOD content portal. You can share the company’s mission and interact with your target market using videos.

And thanks to VOD, you can expose every part of your brand in a thrilling way-from its values, job process to facilities, and product offerings.

2. Scalability

One of the major advantages of launching a Video on Demand platform is its scalability. New content can be easily posted to the medium, regardless of location, time, or cost. You can also rely on real time data to manage and support the audience on a platform that meets their needs.

3. Diminishing The Cost And Time

Furthermore, the creation of a VOD website will help you cut the cost of generating content and the time it takes to do so. Production and processing of the footage is no longer a limited resource: you may redistribute the recorded information at no further expense.

4. Monetization

It is also possible to build a variety of revenue streams to generate substantial money via a VOD channel. The most obvious approach to begin is to sell a variety of or individual shows or movie streaming.

You may also generate additional advertising on the Internet by focusing on specific groups. Last but not least, there are 9 various methods of monetizing your content using VPlayed’s white-label VOD platform subscriptions, commercials, video streaming/renting, and so on.

5. Convenience

Last but not least, the VOD channel will be very easy for your viewers to use. They will be able to watch the footage at a leisure time and in the location of their choosing, and the desired gadget.

Moreover, the need for continued swapping on mobile devices or video-streaming services is gradually gaining traction.

To summarize this section of the blog, we can say that VOD websites can bring a variety of advantages to your business, from hosting brands to creating new revenue streams.

Are You Ready To Build Your Video on Demand Website With Top Customized Features?

How to Build the Best Video On Demand Website? -The 10 Step Guide

Building a successful Video on Demand website requires in-depth planning and execution to the core. To ensure that your VOD platforms stands out in a crowded market, we have created this 10 step guide.

As mentioned above, creating a VOD website includes the following steps:

  • Selecting a top-class VOD service provider
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Focusing on improving user experience
  • Studying user behavior
  • Choosing a suitable revenue model
  • Securing your content
  • Optimizing for search engines
  • Promoting your platform
  • Building VOD website
  • Continuous improvement

Let’s see each of it – one by one – in detail.

How to start video on demand Business

There are several ways you can benefit from and they are: 

1. Select a Top-Rated VOD Service Provider

A well reputed Video on Demand service provider will ensure that your website functions correctly and delivers content seamlessly to your audience.

2. Identify Your Target Audience 

Determine who your target audience is and what they would like to watch on your Video on Demand website. This is crucial because you will be able to deliver niche-based content.

By doing so, you can build a perfect Video on dDemand website that meets the requirements and needs of your targeted audience.

3. Focus on Improving User Experience

Ensure that your website is user-friendly, visually appealing, and that the videos are running without any lag whatsoever.

Finally, as your audience scrolls through your Video on Demand website, ensure that the interface is completely dynamic and that there is no stuttering.

4. Study User Behavior Using Intelligent VOD Analytics

Without a doubt, VOD analytics can provide you with useful insights into how users behave and what they want.

This information can be used to adjust your content strategy in line with your viewership’s preferences and give the end user better satisfaction.

5. Pick a Suitable Revenue Model

Choose a monetization model that suits your business goals and aligns with your target audience’s expectations. Popular revenue models include subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertising.

6. Secure your content

You need to carry out strict measures to protect your own content from unauthorized access, theft or piracy. This means incorporating digital rights management technologies (DRM) and protocols for secure transmission of the data with encryption.

The VPlayed platform, which already includes high end features with solutions including multiple DRM, AES encryption, SSL certificates etc., would be able to provide the high grade security for the content produced.

7. Optimize for search engines

Implementing best practice for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) guarantees that your VOD platform and content are detected by search engines and your SEO results page (SERPs) is good. In addition meta data control and lead capture forms are useful.

8. Promote your platform

Advertise your Video on Demand platform. Publicize it as widely as possible to capture a new type of audience. This may include focused social media campaigns, paid advertising and endorsement partnerships with popular commentators.

9. Build Your Video-On-Demand Website

After completing the above mentioned steps, it’s high time to create your VOD website. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, has an easy-to-navigate user interface and its security measures are as strong as possible i.e. adhering well with the industry standards.

10. Continuously improve

Routinely review key figures such as viewer engagement, customer retention, earnings. Use data-driven insights both to improve and continuously upgrade your VOD platform over time.

Regular digitisation of your content collection, enhanced user interface experience and remaining competitive in the market would lead the trend and stay on top of the competition.

This list is not all you need, but it includes all the elementary and key steps to building a VOD website. Through the 10 steps listed above, you will be able to establish an award-winning VOD website which delivers seamless and satisfying experiences to your target audience.

How VPlayed Helps to Start a Successful VOD Business?

As discussed, creating your VOD website is challenging for several reasons. Why? Because it needs technical expertise, prior experience, and a team of tech-savvy engineers.

So, instead of building your team, you can outsource the arduous task of creating your VOD application to someone with ample experience, like VPlayed.

Let’s find out why VPlayed should be your obvious choice to build your branded VOD website.

How to Create a Video on Demand Website
  1. 100% Customizable: VPlayed can develop a VOD website of your own with fully tailored features suiting any kind of video business. With the VOD website, you will have complete control over branding, design and functionality of your website. Indeed, you can make sure it’s an experience that people will never forget. Users’ trust and engagement follows.
  1. 50% Faster Deployment: VPlayed has one of the fastest implementation times in the industry, with your VOD live 50% quicker than other VOD suppliers. We know that time is money in business; therefore we are committed to getting you up and running as soon as possible for little or no effort on your part.
  1. 150+ Integrations: Our platform is harmonious with more than 150 different third-party utilities. Be it analytics, advertising, social media coverage or payment processing, VPlayed has it all.
  1. On Cloud/On-Premises: Select from the deployment models — It all depends on your own choices, whether our VOD platform is hosted on the cloud or installed at a venue of preference within your server infrastructure for ourselves to support. In either case we are available to you anytime, anywhere.
  1. Video Hosting: VPlayed’s video hosting service ensures that your content is always accessible and available to your audience, with a 99.9% uptime make certain. Videos can be uploaded and shared beyond without downloading any limits on space or size.
  1. Flexible Monetization Models: With VPlayed, you can choose among several established ways of monetization. It comprises pay-per-view, subscriptions (SVOD) and advertising-revenue streams plus sponsorships (AVOD). No matter how you do it, our platform is built to let you maximize ROI and expand your market.
  1. Data-driven OTT Analytics: With a built-in OTT analytics toolkit in your branded VOD platform, you will gain a wealth of data on your audience’s viewing behavior, engagement levels and preferences. Use these insights to make informed decisions as well as optimize the content strategy for maximum impact.
  1. DRM and Security: At VPlayed we take our clients’ security seriously. The VOD platform has multi-DRM solutions and will actively manage licensed content to prevent piracy. Your content and user data will be encrypted with AES technology, protected by SSL certificates. Our VOD websites are built to cause no disruptions in your good night’s sleep.
  1. HLS Streaming with HTML5 Video Player: To ensure seamless and robust playback across all devices and platforms, your VOD platform supports HLS streaming through an HTML5 video player. Thanks to adaptive bitrate streaming, your viewers will not obstruct their enjoyment in case of a poor Internet connection.


Without a doubt, the Video on Demand website in 2024 can be a game-changing decision for your business. Opportunity is almost infinite, like a bottomless bag of oats stored in one place and always filled before another — very hard to see the end of.

But the competition is fierce and to succeed amid it, one must stand out. This is where VPlayed can give you a lead on all others. VPlayed, with its team expertise and 300+ in-house engineers, provides the best VOD website in the industry.

Adding some optional features, safe content delivery and ways to make money from the audience are what are really needed.

So why wait? Make 2024 your year of VOD success by choosing VPlayed.

If you have an idea for a VOD website and are looking to get its operation started now, schedule a 30-minute personal demo. We will help you get started right away!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is a Video on Demand Website?

A video on demand website is a platform where users can access video content (movies, TV shows, web series, etc.) at any time they choose, instead of having to watch them at a specific broadcast time.

2. How To Create A VOD Website For Your Business?

Creating a VOD website for your business can be a great way to reach a wider audience and provide them with on-demand access to your video content. The first step in building a VOD website is to plan and map out your video series.
This includes determining the types of content you want to produce, how it will be organized, and what the overall tone and message will be.

3. What Are The Key Features Of A Video On Demand (VOD) Platform?

A VOD platform is a must-have for any business looking to provide on-demand access to video content. The key features of a VOD platform include content management, video transcoding, monetization models, content distribution and user management.
Above all, it is important for a VOD platform to have SEO and marketing tools to promote the platform and customize as per the business requirement.

4. How Long Does It Take To Launch A Video On Demand Website?

It typically takes around 3-5 working weeks to build a Video On Demand website. This includes time for planning, content creation, website development, and testing.
Indeed, the time frame may vary depending on the complexity of the project, customizations, and additional features such as monetization models and special add-ons.
Overall, it is important for businesses to have a VOD website that can be accessed from any device and location.

5. How Much Does It Cost To Build A VOD Platform?

The cost to build a video on demand platform can vary widely depending on a number of factors such as the number of features offered, pricing models, and the level of customization required. In most cases, these primary factors help to determine the cost of building a VOD platform. Apart from this, any additional development services you may require will also affect the overall cost.

6. What Are The Benefits Of Video On Demand For Business ?

VOD provides a simple benefits for businesses to stream and monetize their content online. With this facility, customers can easily buy and watch videos on their own schedule.
Video on demand allows for streaming content regardless of geographic location and with an easy-to-use website interface.
Indeed, building a VOD website also increases brand awareness and enables businesses to track and analyze viewer engagement through analytics.

7. What Are The Best VOD Revenue Models?

As the demand for video content grows, there are new opportunities for businesses to create and monetize their content.
Some of the best VOD revenue models include subscription-based video on demand, transactional video on demand, advertising video on demand, catch-up TV, coupons and promotions, and video paywall.
These models allow businesses to generate revenue through various methods, such as monthly subscriptions, pay-per-view, and advertising.  

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