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Create an app-based TV ecosystem that is – reliable, scalable, and fully customizable – built to meet the changing demands of the streaming business.

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Fully Customizable UI

Experience a variety of content formats with Samsung Tizen TV app's seamless on-demand and live streaming with minimal delay.

Built From Scratch & Fully Native

Create your custom Tizen streaming app from the ground up and experience full native functionality and performance.

White-label Streaming

Customizable and cost-effective option, allowing you to quickly and easily brand and tailor the platform to meet your specific needs.

200+ Third-party Integrations

Streamline workflows, improve productivity, and enhance user experience with 200+ third-party integrations on your branded Tizen TV app.

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VPlayed Tizen TV App - what Features are Included?

From in-app purchases to an intelligent recommendation engine, VPlayed’s Tizen TV app has got everything to streamline subscriptions and drive viewership.

In-app Purchase

Effortlessly integrate payment gateways in your Samsung Tizen TV app, streamline subscription payments, and boost revenue today.

Maximize User Retention

Make it super easy to connect with your end-users and keep them engaged with your Samsung Tizen TV app.

Curate Kid-friendly Content

Restrict access to inappropriate content, and create a curated selection of age-appropriate content for young viewers.

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FCC- compliant Tizen TV App

VPlayed ensures all the certification criteria – including the FCC compliance and other criteria mandated by Samsung app store – are followed.

Stream in Multiple Languages

Integrate language selection options and translate content to enhance user experience for a diverse audience.

AI-powered Recommendations

Keep your audience glued to their screens with an intelligent recommendation algorithm powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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Streamline Video Management With a Super-flexible CMS

Upload, organize & distribute content in a flash and at your convenience.

Easy Bulk Video Uploads

Simplify your video management with the user-friendly CMS software. Enjoy unlimited uploads and never worry about peak storage limits again.

Captivate Your Audience

Create attractive Samsung Tizen compatible video thumbnails to preview your content and increase engagement within your VOD website.

Schedule Your Videos

Pre-set and schedule unlimited videos for public streaming across multiple locations with the top-rated content management software.

Effortless Video Uploads

Say goodbye to complicated video uploads. Easily upload on-demand content from personal devices or cloud-based platforms with drag and drop functionality.

Multi Language Support

Connect with audiences worldwide using multilingual capabilities. Customize your video platform to match your target regions' preferred languages and expand your reach.

Media Format Compatibility

Comprehensive support for various media formats, including but not limited to Mp4, m4v, avi, mp3, MPEG-DASH, and both H.265 and H.264 codecs.

9+ Dynamic Revenue Models For Endless Monetization

Gain competitive edge and scale up to 10x faster with flexible monetization options ranging from subscriptions to coupons and promotions.

Accelerating Business Growth With Tizen TV App Monetization

Maximize your Samsung Tizen TV app's potential by leveraging audience segmentation for effective monetization strategies that drive profitability and gain a competitive edge in the fast-growing smart TV app.

Explore Video Monetization

Subscription VOD

Subscription VOD

Samsung Tizen TV app's Subscription VOD offers users a vast library of educational and inspirational content at their fingertips, accessible through fixed fees for VOD services.


Advertisement VOD

Advertisement VOD

Users can enjoy a diverse selection of content for free, supported by occasional ads that provide access to a range of video-on-demand options without the need for a subscription fee.


Transactional VOD

Transactional VOD

TVOD services allow viewers to purchase or rent digital video content on a per-transaction basis, allowing customers to access content quickly, conveniently and securely.


Premium VOD

Premium VOD

Enable customers to purchase or rent digital video content, such as movies or TV shows, at a higher price than TVOD services.

Accelerate Growth with Data-driven Analytics and Ironclad Security

Manage your videos, derive actionable insights, and safeguard your content from unauthorized access with VPlayed’s Tizen TV app.

  • Video Security Simplified

    Prevent unauthorized access and protect your valuable video assets and ensure asset-level limitations on streams for more than two devices, based on monitored login details.

  • Comprehensive DRM Solutions

  • AES Encryption

  • Limit Access with Geo-Blocking

  • No More Unauthorized Screenshots

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Tizen TV app security

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