Why Choose VPlayed to Develop an Apple TV App?

VPlayed is the Optimal Choice for Conosiors of Quality

Create a Streaming Brand

Take a giant leap in creating an branded Apple TV app empire to boost its awareness worldwide. Personalize your app in an aesthetic manner completely just the way you would like.

Connect With Users Easily

Let viewers enjoy exclusive access to on demand/live content by creating an intuitive apple TV app and control its distribution windows anywhere, at anytime much sought after

Stay Competitive In Market

Develop an Apple TV app to deliver incredibly competent content & standout as the ultimate choice amongst millions. Revive competitive advantage by tuning niche appeals for ultimate smart home hub.

Rise Engagement Rates

Make your Apple TV app more relatable to bridge the gap between the customers to capture them through social platforms & gain the best ROI. Engage viewers overall to drive brand loyalty.

Get Profitable Revenue

Allow the audience to subscribe to your platform or stream a set of content they enjoy right from your Apple TV app. Integrate payments to reap the best profitable share of revenue

Have Device-Friendly App

Let your streaming apple TV channel be supported with an array of the majority of devices, powered by tvOS development. Targeting those sets of users is made quite easy at VPlayed

Must-have Features For Shaping tvOS App Development

Discover Impactful Apple TV App Streaming Opportunities

Online Video Platform

Fully Customizable

Build a Apple TV app that’s absolutely personalized with specific brand needs

Deliver VOD/ Live

Let users access live & on-demand streams limitlessly in your apple TV channel

In-app Purchase

Rely on Apple TV app builders to facilitate purchases in app for subscription payments

Kids Mode

Enable kids mode in your app to prevent children accessing inappropriate content


Launch whitelabelled streaming services & monetize solely in your own apple TV

Smart Recommendations

Inform audiences with some of common viewing interests that would be preferable

3rd Party Integrations

Quickly add 3rd party tools to have prospective refinements in Apple TV app

Offline Download

Let users view their favourite series with downloadable option at offline mode

Centralized Video Management For Your Entire Content

All your video assets in one place

Video CMS Solution
Drag & Drop Videos

Select a video from your video catalog to drag & drop in tv app software

Content Library

Make your full collection of videos navigational to allow users to view them

Multi-Format Support

Create tvos app & transcode videos to play in different formats, like MP4, MPEG, RTMP, HLS

Content Partner Portal

Onboard content partner to your app & upload their data to collaborate with them

Inbuilt Marketing Tools

Expand the reach of each TV app content with the data-driven marketing tools

Explore CMS

Buffer-Free Views With All Device Player Stays Precise

Stream with your own apple tv app at highest standard

Custom Thumbnail

Improve video engagement where video thumbnails can increase clicks and make all the difference

Subtitle/Closed Captions

Assist consumers by allowing them to select subtitles by clicking the CC icon & can help them to turn on captions.

Fastest Playback

The playback options in the apple tv app allow you to play, pause, skip backward or ahead in time, and more.

P-I-P viewing

Allow users to browse the app in Picture-in-Picture mode while watching another video.

Explore HLS Player
Video CMS Solution

Monetize Your App to Make User Management Easy

Make Magnanimous Revenue with An Apple TV App


Set a big screen streaming experience as SVOD operators offering a mix of content with an exchange of monthly, weekly or annual packages.


Opportunities to build revenue are ample by in-streaming AVOD ads (skippable/non-skippable) that are more engaging for your apple TV app.


Users can pay for the content they wish to see in transactional VODs. Consider one-time fee payments facilitated in apple tv app.

Paywall Subscriptions

Allow users to partially view content in Apple TV app for a fixed duration. Give access until they opt for a complete subscription.


Ensure to have repeated customer base with seasonal coupon codes & due promotions to reduce churn rates to your app in no time

Launch Easily & Grow Quickly With A Preminum Apple TV App

Security of Content Is Most Important Than Ever

Create Your App & Control its Data Entirely


Refrain accessibility to content for only certain geo-based demographics. Apply geo-blocking to international borders to comply with licensing deals.

Exhaustive Access Control

Set up two-step email verification, on Apple TV app along with single-sign-on authentication, granular access, or channel access control, & much more

DRM System

Shield your content from unauthorized usage with the help of DRM rights installed into apple TV app.

Secure online video subscription platform
AES Encryption

Encrypt your priceless content with AES encryption having 128-bit cryptographic keys for allowing content distributors to stay worry-free with online breaches.

Screenshot Prevention

Prevent screen recording & unauthorised redistribution to ensure content’s integrity. Content providers like you will have a perfect tv app solution

Paywall Integration

Support world’s secure digital paywall integration to valuable TV content list. Facilitate with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, etc for international transactions.

Upscale Revenue with Exact Metrics In Apple TV App

Capture audience insights & have fast-moving live data with in-built analytics

  • Audience Timeline

    Fetch audience insights while you create your own Apple TV app with engagement rate, viewer session rate & more

  • Engagement Graph

  • Live Dashboard Report

  • 3rd Party Analytics Integration

  • Custom Metrics

Explore Analytics
Video Analytics

Start Building Your Brand & Grow 3x Faster With Lossless Monetization

  • Get a 100% customized platform
  • Launch mobile & TV apps at once
  • Pay once; use and own forever
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