Why Choose VPlayed To Create A Smart TV App?

Key Factors That Determine The Success Of Streaming Business

Increased Viewership

Rise smart TV app subscriber count at the click of the button consistently

Brand Identity

Establish a lasting relationship with your userbase to nurture customer satisfaction

Perfect Revenue Strategies

Generate surplus revenue from your smart TV application via 6+ monetization models

Cross-Platform Support

Feed your single stream to multiple destinations at the same time from apps.

Discover more opportunities to smartly engage audiences

Feature-rich smart tv apps tailored to your business needs

Pairing & Sharing

Develop a smart TV app & allow screen of a mobile device to transmit & view on TV or vice versa

Dynamic Navigation

Allow users to interact with elements on screen & provide full control

Multi-Device Support

Create a smart TV app & let users pay to avail unique services

In-app Purchase

Configure your smart TV app in such a way that its available on any device

Secure online video subscription platform
Catch up TV

Utilize the monetizing opportunity in TV apps on user’s missed content

Smart Recommendations

Smartly provide AI powered content recommendations in a row for user’s preview


Display video with one opened window from the corner of the smart TV screen

Offline Download

Let viewers enjoy smart tv app videos even when they are away or stay offline

Uplift Brand Experience By Enabling Smart TV App Development

Redefine rich viewing environment across all platforms

Online Video Platform Online Video Platform

App Interfaces that fit to any screen-size

Deliver high-quality content on any window size to enable adaptable viewing experience. Ensure consistency even if users switch devices.


Content owners can flexibly use basic theming elements added in smart tv app development. Create a unique look for your app.

Seamless onboarding Experience

Define target audience’s journey in smart TV app as they can choose to willingly get back. Make users to likely use the app everytime.

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Built-In Agile Streaming Environment via Modern CDN

Broadcast content on a quick note efficiently from a smart TV App

  • Multiple Codecs Support

    Platform owners can reduce the costs of bandwidth while delivering same qualitative viewing experience across multiple codecs

  • Streaming Protocol

    Use advanced video streaming protocols like RTMP, HTTP, etc on dedicated web servers while creating a smart tv app

  • Custom CDN

    Create to host your own private CDN with multiple PoP to viewers with geographic vicinity

  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

    Adjust the quality of source media in multiple bitrates during the delivery of smart tv app playback

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Video Analytics

Generate Best ROI with Diverse Video Monetization Models

Monetize your premium smart TV app content in best possible ways

Explore OTT monetization

Optimize the Quality of Streaming Playback via HLS Player

Deliver quality videos in flexible resolutions to create enjoyable & seamless UX

video advertising platform
  • Multi-screen Support

    Set up multi-view feature for displaying content across screens in samsung or LG smart TV. Allow greater flexibility for viewers to stream content from anywhere at anytime.

  • Player SDK for Android / iOS

  • Subtitle Settings

  • 4K, 360 & VR Support

Explore HLS Video Player

Potential Security Tactics for Smart TV app Development

Best digital standards to guard against threats posed in smart home devices

Multi DRM Platform

Prevent unauthorized use or leakage of content in your smart TV app by applying Multi-DRM solution. It basically provides license management features enabled with multiple DRMs such as PlayReady, Widevine, Fairplay, etc.

AES Encryption
Advanced SSL Certification
Restrict Simultaneous Logins
Explore DRM and Security
OTT Video Analytics

Analytics Solution to Track Preffered Video Viewing Behaviour

Comparitive analysis to reach new heights in streaming business

white label video CMS
Live Dashboard Report

Collate multiple data into a single page at a granular level with realtime analytics dashboard

3rd Party Analytics Integration

Create a room for your 3rd party collaborators to analyze streaming data with tracking tools.

Custom Metrics

Collect custom metrics for specific analysis from your smart TV app to comprehend sliced data report

Engagement Graph

Graphically map & track your engagement data to get an indepth survey of your online app visitors.

Study Comparison Heatmaps

Capture an idea of your audience viewing trends by evaluating heaviest traffic and engagement over time.


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